AS3: Default parameter value

In ActionScript 3 it’s possible to automatically assign a default value to parameters in a function.

Parameters with optional value should be placed at the end of the function parameter list, while all the required ones at the begining.

Parameters with default values can be ommitted. This gives us the following possibilities:

function twoPlusTwoIs (result:int = 2) {

trace( “Result: ” + result );


twoPlusTwoIs();    —>  2

twoPlusTwoIs(3);  —>  3

Likewise, a more plausable usage:

function enable ( val:Boolean = true ) {

someVariable = val;


MyFancyObject.enable();           —>  true

MyFancyObject.enable(true);     —> true

MyFancyObject.enable(false);     —> false


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